Digitronics Solution is a trusted end-to-end telecom infrastructure provider, offering its solutions to various telecom operators, ISPs, Government organizations, infrastructure companies, and big public utility organizations.

The Company manufactures high-quality OFC which forms the backbone of telecommunication networks used in critical applications. Digitrronics Solution is designed to suit applications in NLD, Access & FTT-x Networks, and address crucial applications through special offerings like fire survival cables, tactical cables, etc. DIgitronics Solution products meet all international IEC, EIA/TIA, and Bellcore standards. The Company exports its cables to 14 countries across.

We are close to the market and routinely adapt standard equipment to each customer’s unique needs. We are also at the forefront of new product designs to meet new requirements. In spite of market price pressure to do otherwise, our quality has never been reduced and we keep tight control on our integrated mechanical, electrical, and plc design. Simco through its principal companies provides a complete range.

  • For bare fiber optic production: complete draw towers including preform handling units, furnace, cooling tubes, fiber spinning units, capstans, dual winders.
  • For fiber optic cable production: Sz stranding lines, loose tubes lines, microtube lines.
  • For copper cable production: a unique roller twist stranding line, concentric and longitudinal taping units, motorized pay-off and take-ups, gantry pay-offs and take-ups, rotating capstans, caterpillar, flyers, accumulators.
  • Tube filling water-blocking compounds, specifically designed for filling optical fiber buffer loose tubes.
  • Solutions to make photonic crystal fiber and polarization-maintaining fibers.
  • Optical fiber test instruments for geometry, dispersion, attenuation studies, and much more.

Types of Optical Fiber Cables

  • Aerial Cables
  • Armored Cables
  • FTTH Cables
  • Micro Cables
  • Steel Optical Fiber Cables
  • Gold Series With FRP Optical Fiber Cables
  • Platinum Series With FRP & Glass Yarn Optical Fiber Cables

Aerial cables are best suited as the backbone in overhead applications. These cables offer reliable transmission over a broad temperature range. They can be installed either pole-to-pole or lashed to the existing infrastructure available for long medium & short-span routes.

Aerial – ADSS

All Dielectric Self Supporting Fiber Optic Cable Series are suitably designed for installation on poles in distribution and transmission environments where live wire installation is required. These cables are designed based on the required span length and the prevailing.


Self-support cables are designed for use in aerial applications as an alternative to lashing. An integrated messenger wire support provides the necessary tensile strength and the outer sheath is extruded.


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