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Analytical MethodEnergy dispersive X ray fluorescence analytical Method
Elements Measuring RangeAtomic number from 12 to 92 [elements from magnesium(Mg) to uranium (U)] can be measured
Simultaneous detector elementsSimultaneous analysis 40 elements
Microcomputer systemCustomized system; CPU: 1G ; system memory: 1G ; extended stored maximum support 32G ; standard 4G for mass storage data
The content rangeppm~99.99%
The detection time1-60 seconds (a second report results)
A built-in systemGPS, WIFI, Bluetooth
Power SupplyRechargeable lithium battery, standard is 9000mAh, sustainable work up to 12 hours; optional is 27000mAh superbattery with wide voltage 110V ~ 220V universal adapter for recharging power supply
Detection ObjectiveSolid, liquid, powder
DetectorSDD detector or Fast-SDD detector (optional)
Detector resolutionMinimum can reach 128eV
The excitation source50KV/200uA- silver target end window integrated miniature X ray tube and high voltage power supply
Collimator and filterCollimator diameters are 4.0mm and 2.0mm, 6 kinds of filters with automatic switching functions
Video system500W pixel high resolution camera
Display screenBrand new 5 inch transflective LCD touch screen, the resolution is 1080×720
Detection limitThe minimum detection limits at 1 ~ 500 ppm
SafetyMultiple safety protection, no tests, no radiation, radiation levels at work are far below the international safety standards, and has no sample telemetry, automatic shut X light tube function. Standard radiation shields, thickened wall alloy test instrument
SpecialtyOre special edition analysis software, using intelligent one key test
Convenience of applicationKey intelligent matching the best curve that no need to select curve
Data transmissionDigital multi-channel technology, SPI data transmission, quick analysis, the high count rate; waterproof mini USB, and can be connected with a desktop computer
Operating ambient humidity≤90%
Operating environmental temperature-20℃~+50℃
Instrument dimension244mm(Length)x 90mm(Width)x 330mm(Height)
Instrument weight1.7Kg
Intelligent warning signalsIndicator systemGreen light means power on, red flushing means testing and yellow flushing means the problems
AccessoriesThree-military-protection-box is compression, waterproof and shock absorption. Universal charger and car charger, 4G SD memory card and card reader Two lithium battery and charger, PDA accessories, radiation shield. Optional accessories: the large battery, seat type test support, Bluetooth printer, mill, manual pressure machine, and other options can to choosen…
  • The handheld XRF analyzer is lightweight and best for performing crucial tasks for any weather condition, field environment and location. Therefore, no need to worry about lifting heaving analyzing equipment to different locations.
  • The handheld XRF analyzer saves significant expense and time when compared to traditional laboratory analysis. 
  • The shorter measurement times and superior detection capacity increases your productivity. 
  • The XRF portable analyzer is able to detect and measure these elements in materials: Au, Ag, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe,Sn, S, Hf, Ta, Mo, W, Si, Sb, etc.
  • The handheld XRF gold analyzer can detect contaminant metals and elements with little to no sample preparation, therefore providing fast and decisive results.
  • The handheld XRF analyzer has a rapid nondestructive detection and quick measurement by simply aiming at the material and able to report results of detection within seconds.
  • The large lithium battery is 27000mAh, this is capable of powering the XRF gold analyzer continuously for three days. A built in memory battery can replace the battery power should the main battery go off on site after three days.
  • The handheld alloy analyzer has a professional inbuilt application software that features easy testing and getting quick results.
  • The portable XRF analyzer has an inbuilt 500W pixels high definition camera that can observe the sample’s testing position which makes the measurement of elements accurate.
  • The handle XRF gold analyzer has a collimation filter system that has a combination of 12 groups, this makes it possible for the handheld analyzer to meet your requirements. 
Handheld XRF Analyzer

High Accurate: Analysis results close to fire assay result.

Handheld XRF Analyzer

Built-in battery, handheld design, convenient to use anytime, anywhere.

Handheld XRF Analyzer

Elements from magnesium(Mg) to uranium (U) can be measured

ParametersAdvantages and Benefits

Analysis Rangeppm to 99.99%
Sample FormSolid, powder, liquid
Tube Voltage5KV ~ 50KV
High Voltage Power Supply0 ~ 50KV
CameraHD camera
FiltersSelectable customized switches
Detector TypeSi-pin (Amptek, USA) -Multichannel
AnalyzerMulti-channel simulation
Sample Chamber Size380 *380 * 60 (mm)
Test Time5sec ~ 60sec
Detection Elements RangeAu, Ag, Pt, Pd, Cu.(Zn and Ni will be in Cu; Cd in Ag)
Standard AccessoryJewelry holder*1, power cable*1, calibration samples*1
Analysis SoftwareQualitative and quantitative analysis software
External Dimensions480 * 480 * 390 (mm)
  • Superbmelt XRF analyzer for jewelry is used for the accurate analysis of precious metal purity, such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, at an analytical tolerance range of 0.01% to 0.03%.
  • The process of testing and analysis is very simple. At the start of the Superbmelt XRF analyzer for jewelry, just press “ measurement start” and testing begins automatically.
  • Superbmelt XRF gold tester for sale has an inbuilt controlling computer, which makes the XRF analyzer for jewelry easy to use and transport.
  • At Superbmelt, we are concerned about the safety of our customers, hence, the Superbmelt XRF gold tester has a seal that ensures users’ safety.
  • Superbmelt jewelry spectrometer is also equipped with multilevel safety protection systems that include: Ultra-low-power x-ray tube, fully enclosed testing chamber, automatic x-ray switch off, inner cover with stepped construction, etc.
  • Testing and analysis time with the XRF gold tester is very fast, analysis is usually completed within 5 to 60 seconds.
  • Superbmelt best XRF analyzer uses a unique optical technology and calculation method that ensures the accuracy of results.
  • Superbmelt XRF analyzer for jewelry is equipped with a collimator measuring 1 to 2 mm, but we can design it for you according to your requirements.
  • Superbmelt jewelry spectrometer can measure different sizes and shapes of metal. Which makes it suitable for use in pawn shops, jewelry-making industries, scrap recycling, etc.
  • Superbmelt XRF jewelry tester is equipped with a camera so that you can view the x-ray spot position on your computer screen during an analysis of metals.
  • The compact design (with a dimension of 48*48*39cm and weight of 38kg) means the Superbmelt best XRF analyzer occupies minimal space, is easy to transport, and requires low maintenance.

Superbmelt XRF analyzer for jewelry has innovative hardware and software that meets the different needs of users.

XRF Analyzer for gold bar

For gold bar testing

XRF Analyzer for Jewelry Chain

For jewelry chain testing

XRF Analyzer for Ring

For jewelry ring testing

ParametersAdvantages and Benefits

Excited SourceUltra-low power X-ray tube, air cooling
Collimator1-2mm or according to the customer’s requirement
X-ray Generator50kV 1mA
DetectorHigh-resolution detector
Processing Electronics1.2GB CPU with integrated FPU with 2GB RAM; DPP and MCA
Data DisplayHigh-resolution Color QVGA resolution with touch screen; 7 Inch
Data Storage32GB SDD
Data TransferUSB interface with many types of equipment; WIFI
SoftwareBased on the Microsoft Windows system (Win7 and Win8), easy operating, only press the “Start” button, and the results will be shown on the screen. No need for more standard samples for calibration.
Analysis Time5s to 120s
Analytical Tolerance0.01% ~ 0.3% (average)
Detection Elements RangeAu, Ag, Pt, Pd, Cu. (Zn and Ni will be calculated in Cu; Cd will be calculated in Ag)
Power Supply ModeAC100V〜240V, DC12V(vehicle power supply or Li-ion battery)
Dimensions40*30*27cm (floor space <2 pieces of A4 paper)
Standard AccessoryPolish kits; Operating pen; DC12V power supply; Manual; CD; Jewelry holder
Optional AccessoryReference calibration samples; USB micro-printer; Micro-wireless keyboard and mouse; Vehicle power supply DC converter

Completely Intelligent Analysis:
A good gold analyzer doesn’t require the operator to know professional knowledge. The operator just needs to put the samples on the measurement window and click “measurement start”. Then the intelligent analysis system will report the sample purity automatically. No complex to do in the whole process. This needs advanced technology. XRA series Gold Analyzer just does like this.

Not all XRF analyzers can do this. For some brands’ XRF machines, the machine can report the purity only after the operator chooses the working curve or calculation method. But the machine will report different results for the same sample if you choose different curves. If so, how do customers know which working curve is right for the sample in advance?

□ All-in-one and Wireless Access:

The machine(2000) and the controlling computer are combined together, which is simple and concise.

Its compact, portable, space-saving, streamlined body designs with high quality make it an excellent value for long-life usage and low maintenance.

Supporting Wifi allows it to be convenient for us to the remote control.

□ Accurate (Analysis Results Close To Fire Assay Results):

XRA series Gold Analyzer uses unique optical technology and calculation method to ensure analysis results close to Fire Assay.

Many companies know how to assemble an XRF analyzer, but they don’t know how to optimize the whole system, so even if they can finish a complete XRF analyzer, their results are very far away from Fire Assay results. So we suggest if customers want to buy an XRF analyzer, they should make some gold samples, test those samples with XRF analyzers with different brands and the Fire Assay method, and then compare the results and choose the most cost-effective machine.

Using unique optical technology and calculation method to ensure analysis results close to Fire Assay. The analytical tolerance range is 0.01% to 0.3%.

□ Multilevel Protection from X-ray:

Using a unique design to seal x-ray in the chamber totally, making sure the operators’ safety. There are multilevel safety protection systems.

Ultra-low power x-ray tube
Fully enclosed metal box
Automatically X-ray switch off
Inner cover with stepped construction and so on

□ USB Interface and DC 12V Power Supply:

It(2000) is very convenient to connect external equipment with a USB interface, such as a printer, keyboard, and mouse.

It can be charged with a vehicle power supply and battery. It is available to use outside.

□ Completely Intelligent Analysis:

The operation is very simple. And it doesn’t require the operator to have professional knowledge. The operator just needs to put the sample on the measurement window and click “measurement start” without choosing the working curve or calculation method. Then the intelligent analysis system will report the sample purity automatically.

□ Less Standard Samples for Calibration:

All XRF analyzers need a certain quantity of standard samples for calibration to ensure accurate analysis.

Our analyzer only needs several samples for calibration and gives perfect results close to Fire Assay.

□ No Restriction to Samples’ Size and Shape:

With a small X-ray spot, it can test samples of different sizes and shapes, even when the sample is a pin. It also supplies average functions so that customers can be easy to get big sample results, such as a gold bars.

□ Unique Parts Protection System:

Having unique technology to protect important parts and keep their lives longer.

□ Rapid Analysis:

XRA series Gold Analyzer only takes several seconds for qualitative analysis, and 1 to 2 minutes for quantitative analysis.

□ Visible:

There is a camera in the analyzer, so customers can see the X-ray spot position from the computer screen. And it is easy to print reports with analysis point photos.

□ Innovative Ideas:

Many innovative ideas are integrated into hardware and software, so we have many utility functions to meet different customers, requirements. But our innovation is always plagiarized by some competitors.

Gold testing machine features

Analyze the percentage of all metal purity

Gold Analyzer feature

Analysis of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium purity

Gold Analyzer feature

Testing the thickness of the metal coating

ParametersAdvantages and Benefits

ModelSPB-XRA 3800
Analysis Rangeppm to 99.99%
Sample FormSolid, powder, liquid
Tube Voltage5KV ~ 50KV
High Voltage Power Supply0 ~ 50KV
CameraHD camera
FiltersSelectable customized switches
Detector TypeSi-pin (Amptek, USA)
Resolution145 + 5 ev
Multichannel AnalyzerDigital multichannel
Sample Chamber Size310 * 270 * 80  (mm)
Test Time3sec ~ 60sec
Measuring Element72 elements from sodium (Na) touranium (U) between all the elements
Analysis SoftwareKeyray Qualitative and quantitative analysis software
External Dimensions460 * 390 * 360 (mm)
  • Completely Intelligent Analysis: The operator just needs to put the samples on the measurement window and click “measurement start” to get a result.
  • Only one sample is needed for calibration, reducing operation steps and making operation easier
  • High Accurate: Analysis results close to fire assay result.
  • Rapid Analysis: Only takes several seconds for qualitative analysis and 1 to 2 minutes for quantitative analysis.
  • Superbmelt XRF precious metal analyzer is used for the analysis, detection of elements present in metals, and testing thickness of metal coatings.
  • The XRF gold tester by Superbmelt is able to detect elements such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, iron, copper, nickel, zinc, rhodium, iridium, chromium, and so on.
  • The systems software is based on Microsoft Windows which makes it easy to use. By pressing the start button, analysis begins. This means that there is no need for standard samples for calibration.
  • After analysis, the Superbmelt XRF precious metal analyzer can display over 25 elements at the same time on the high-resolution screen.
  • The process of analysis is fast, it usually takes 1 to 120 seconds. This helps you to save cost and time during precious metal analysis,
  • On average, the Superbmelt XRF metal analyzer has an analytical tolerance of 0.01%-0.3%.
  • The exciting source is a low-power x-ray tube that reduces the chances of precious metal damage during testing and analysis.
  • Superbmelt precious metal analyzer for sale is compact in size with a total dimension of 45*30*20cm and weighs only 23kg.
  • Superbmelt gold tester performs testing and analysis accurately, the result of testing is close to fire assay.
  • Superbmelt XRF precious metal analyzer has a power supply mode of 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz that can easily be charged with a vehicle power supply and battery.
  • Superbmelt XRF gold tester is used in jewelry production and sales, government agencies, banks, research, and development, etc.
XRF precious metal analyzer

Extremely Simple Operation: Only one sample for calibration.

XRF precious metal analyzer

High Accurate: Analysis results close to fire assay result.

XRF precious metal analyzer

Rapid Analysis: Only takes several seconds for qualitative analysis and 1 to 2 minutes for quantitative analysis.

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